Our Brand

Office World develops distinct appointed residences that inspire and embolden lifestyles.

Our Beliefs


Office World believes a fully appointed live/work residence is a distinct lifestyle choice for each client.  That's why Residential World only develops one residence with it's specific floor plan, in an entire city to ensure it's timeless distinction.


Office World believes fully appointed live/work residences inspire and embolden lifestyles by emcompassing:

  • All home furnishings
  • All business equipment
  • All business furniture
  • window treatments
  • complete landscapes
  • backyard amenities
  • pools and spas
  • saunas and gyms
  • fine art
  • fine wine collection
  • new vehicles
  • household goods
  • travel experiences
  • apparel
  • and more...

Office World believes each live/work residence must be one-of-a kind, specifically designed to inspire and embolden lifestyles and workflow.  Office World's lot selections and floor plans are meticulously chosen based upon:

  • Exclusivity of neighborhoods
  • Lot characteristics for privacy and security
  • Timeless sustainability for value retention
  • Ability for each property to have estate or compound attributes

Office World believes properties over $3 million should not be listed on multiple listing services (MLS) or available to the public.  Office World properties are offered by introduction only.

Residential World develops one property per market, per year, per brand.  We operate three different brands:

Residential World, Apartment World and Office World.

Residential World focuses on residences.  Apartment World focuses on Apartment Homes and townhomes. Office World focuses on live/work residences.

With only 300 properties offered yearly on a global basis, our clients are in rare company.


Office World believes construction processes, quality and build time should be meticulously managed. We have our own in-house construction teams in additional to local subcontracted talent. 

Our construction teams only develop one project per year, per our three brands. 

This process ensures:

  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • On-time completion
  • Reduction in change orders
  • Passing inspections the first time
  • Ability to use exotic materials
  • Maintain standards for the most discriminating taste
Design & Planning

Office World believes articulate design and planning is the foundation to developing distinct properties.

Each live/work residence is developed by an in-house team.  Each design team consist of an architect, landscape architect, interior designer, procurement manager and a project manager.   Our design teams only develop one project per year, per our three brands.  This process ensures:

  • Every live/work residence is designed to maximize lot characteristics
  • Every live/work residence inspires and emboldens lifestyles
  • Customization process and experiences are journeys
  • We develop extentions of client's lifestyles and workflow

Office World believes material selection is an expression of lifestyle, personality, faith and repose.

Residential World uses only the finest materials on an exclusive basis.  Each supplier is hand selected and are the only item, brand, product or service in their field or category.  This arrangement ensures:

  • Personalization
  • Unmatched material quality
  • Material selection is based upon client's lifestyle and wants
Reach & Marketing

Office World believes personal contacts, introductions and private experiences are the way to connect with prospective clients. 

With this belief, we have created a video app that introduces our potential clients to our brand, available properties and our supplier partners' brands, products or services.  Our app is available on desktop, Android and iOS

Distinct Shopping Experiences

To enlighten our clients on our "Distinct Appointed Residences" service, we have created personalized all-inclusive shopping experiences on our private cruise to our private island. 

Our personalized shopping experience includes exclusive gatherings in which our clients will meet and mingle with other clients in a relaxed, upscale setting that includes wine tastings, beach access, social gatherings and private concerts.

During the private cruise and island excursions, both prospective clients and post purchase clients will indulge in private shopping experiences from our supplier partners' products and services for home material selections, home furnishings, autos, boats, household goods, fine art, jewels, electronics, future vacation experiences, apparel and accessories for their appointed residence and lifestyle. 

Our personalized all-inclusive shopping experiences are held throughout the year.

Residential World Operates 3 Distinct Brands